Argolis Tour

A Peloponnesian adventure

Argolis Tour, A Peloponnesean Adventure

Experience the beauty of the Peloponnese as you visit sites from the bronze age Mycenean period through to the classical Greek period and the beauty of the Venetian-influenced seaside town of Nafplion.

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Type: Full-Day Tour 

Tour Duration: 8 hours 

Points of Interest: 

  • Corinth Canal 
  • Ancient Corinth 
  • Ancient Mycenae
  • Nafplion
  • Sanctuary of Apollo
  • Ancient Theater of Epidavros

Tour Details

The Venetian fort dominates the port of Nafplion, and the castle of Palamidi towering above the town are both must-visits of this full-day tour, as well as the architectural wonder of the Ancient Theater of Epidavros, the most perfect theatre of its time in regards to acoustics and aesthetics. Two more archaeological sites are included in this tour, Ancient Corinth and the legendary Mycenae, with the iconic Cyclopean Walls and the famous and largest Tholos tomb which was the largest domed structure for over a thousand years before the construction of the Pantheon in Rome. You will also stop in Nafplion or the picturesque seaside village of Tolo for lunch. (Please note that the cost of the tours are for vehicle and driver, they do not include entry fees to the sites or the cost of meals.